Top Photos of David Dubnitskiy: Discover the Ukrainian Beauty

While hundreds of modern photographers use a number of technical tricks and devices in making their picture, one Ukrainian photo artist makes his masterpieces with only natural light and a lack of makeup on his models. The hero of our article, David Dubnitskiy, has everything to express naturalness and genuine female beauty in his pictures: simple, peaceful locations of Eastern European cities, and gorgeous Ukrainian ladies.

In this gallery, we’ve collected the most attractive and fabulous works of Dubnitskiy. Unbelievable beauty and simplicity on each photograph!

dubnitskiy photo5
dubnitskiy photo5
dubnitskiy photo4
dubnitskiy photo3
dubnitskiy photo2
dubnitskiy photo1
dubnitskiy photo6
dubnitskiy photo7
dubnitskiy photo8
dubnitskiy photo9
dubnitskiy photo10
dubnitskiy photo11
dubnitskiy photo12

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