One of the most Peculiar on Earth: Japanese Sex Culture

Island states are known to have special cultures, bearing no resemblances with cultures of continental states, and Japan is no exception. The cultural peculiarities can be quickly discussed by the isolation of the island states. While continental states communicate with each other, their island equivalents are left to their own gadgets. So, there is no surprise that Japan, which had practically no contact with the other world up until the 16th century, managed to keep a distinct culture, even when it comes to sex.

Japanese Sex Culture

How come that Japan is considered to be among the most conservative states worldwide? When you think of the Japanese porn (they have anime sex videos, for Christ’s sake!), and how weird it can in some cases be, and that a lot of people from other countries are taking a trip to Japan for sex tourism, you can’t assist feeling that there is some kind of contradiction about Japanese conservatism.

Basically, when you get to inform somebody that you made love with Japanese females, then you would be informed that you made love with Japanese sl * ts. And when in Japan, you can typically hear politicians speaking against prostitution and porn. Moreover, it turns out that Japanese people are not that interested in sex at all.

According to the Japan Family Planning Association’s report, 45% of ladies and 25% of men are either not interested in or perhaps despise sex. So, how come that such a conservative society manages to have among the most perverse sex cultures in the world?

Japanese ancient sex culture was quite perverse, with samurais having 12-year-old kids as fans; with monks sleeping with each other; with homosexuality being quite common; with sex playing an essential function in Japanese folklore.

What had taken place that whatever changed? Perhaps the conservatism and perversion are inseparable things? Political leaders might state all they desire, but the elite in Japan has constantly had less sexual freedom, than ordinary people. Elite needed to obey the large selection of customs, while ordinary people had no rites and customs to follow. As a result, the lack of traditions made the low-class way more sexually-liberated. However what location does sex inhabit in contemporary Japanese culture? To find out, we need to have a better look.

What Influences Modern Sex Culture in Japan?

The survey shows that Japanese people are not interested in sex. Okay, why there are countless Japanese porn sites using both censored and uncensored Japanese pornography? It seems that sex has actually practically entirely moved to elements of Japanese popular culture. So, how come that Japanese pornography stars are the only individuals who make love in Japan? Does it have something to do with Japanese sex videos or more with the Japanese way of life? Let’s check it out!

1. Your Job is Your Top Priority

Japanese working culture had actually done everything for individuals not to make love. The ridiculous quantity of time that Japanese people work leaves little to absolutely nothing for having sex, at least in your home. Do you still want to grumble about your from 9 to 5 schedule? Believe us, you can have as much as sex as you desire. It is typical for Japanese individuals to work for 18 or 20 hours a day. Let’s be honest, if you’ve worked like that, it is not likely that sex would be # 1 on your wish list unless sex is your work. This hardworking schedule leaves people with 2 choices, either being single and working hard or marrying, with the possibility that at least one partner can have a good time up until kids arrive.

2. Prostitution

As we’ve said in the past, sex might not be your # 1 concern, unless it is your work. Something you need to comprehend about Japan is that being in a relationship and having sex is not the same thing. Sex is a commodity in Japan, which can be easily bought. A Japanese male (yep, there are sex services for Japanese men only) can get sex almost wherever and whenever he desires. And it will cost him as much as lunch in some diner. So, even having a little money, you still can have sex in Japan.

The number of locations where you can choose a prostitute is enormous, and sure it has actually affected Japanese views on relationships. Or is it work again? Now, let’s think, you love your better half and you want to invest a minimum of half an hour with her talking about your day. This conversation is much more valuable than sex, which you can easily have more than the lunch break with some prostitute. It’s not a fact, however, we can presume that the number of women of the streets in Japan can be explained by the lack of partners’ desire to waste their time on sex.

3. Social Relationships

It is alright in the western world to get a promo for some severe achievement in your work or say that you want a different life. In Japan, nevertheless, you do what you are told to do. People listen to their moms and dads, instructors, and managers. The hierarchy works completely in Japan. So, let’s be truthful if everyone around you has sex with prostitutes and not with their partners, why should you do in a different way, especially, when your salary allows you to make love with as many attractive women as you desire?

Jaw-Dropping Facts About Japanese Sex Culture

Enough with social aspects of Japanese sex culture, let’s get to facts that made this Asian state so bizarre and jaw-dropping when it comes to intimacy and pleasure. We’ve learned more about unlimited access to prostitution, and we may wonder whether those who chose to remain single cohabit with Japanese sex dolls, however, Japan has much more sexual peculiarities than those. So, let’s check out the most jaw-dropping facts about Japanese sex culture without further ado.

1. Vibrator Bars

Japanese sex toys for self-pleasure may be popular, but what the hell are vibrator bars? Well, the vibrator bar is a place where for a certain sum of cash you can use a vibrator for an hour or so while drinking beverages. The most well-known vibrator bar called the Wild One Vibe Bar is positioned in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, where for 3,000 yen you can utilize among the 3 hundreds of produced in Japan and imported vibrators. These bars are for women only, with guys being able to get in only accompanied by a female partner.

2. “Orgasm Wars”

Japanese sex games, Japanese sex films, why not Japanese sex programs? Japan is popular for its hilarious TV shows, and Orgasm Wars is among the most hilarious. The Orgasm Wars is a Japanese sex video game show where gay males try to make Japanese female porn stars to have an orgasm by talking to them. Generally, it goes like “I’m going to make you orgasm!”, states the gay man, to which a pornography star replies: “No, you won’t!” The show is scripted, however, this reality doesn’t make it less humorous.

3. Compensated Dating

Understood in Japan as Enjo Kosai, compensated dating is a tradition of school women dating older guys for cash. Enjo Kosai doesn’t include sex, although touches and kisses are permitted in some cases. Essentially, the older men pay to take a woman on a date and talk with her. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the compensated dating involved sex, but in 1999 the Japanese law made sex with anyone under the age of 18 unlawful, and Enjo Kosai primarily focused on women aged 14 to 16.

4. Natural High’s Charity Porn

Because of the late noughties, the Japanese porn-production Natural High, which concentrates on extreme types of porn, has been producing a series of adult movies called Naked Continent. Conceived as “anthropological documentary porn” Naked Continent was basically documentary series about various continents and encounters with aborigines however mixed with hardcore sex scenes. The poor state of living of Kenyan children made Sakkun, the series manufacturer, donate the cash from the Naked Continent to various African aid business. At first, he contributed $11,000, and each $10 from the DVD sales of the series were also given on charity needs. This made the Naked Continent the very first charity porn series.

5. Massage Oils with Peculiar Smells

You’ve most likely heard more about Thai sex massage rather than Japanese sex massage. Still, sex massage is quite popular in Japan. And companies that produce sexual fragrant oils earn millions. Nothing strange and nothing unusual, right? Well, that’s up until you discover the aromas of those oils. Japanese adult items company Tamatoys produces “The prohibited fragrances”- a line of oils. Classic tastes offered from 2002 include “Girl’s Armpit” and “School Girl’s Urine”. Do you wonder whether it can get more strange? It can, as commemorating the 10th anniversary, Tamatoys decided to produce oils with brand-new aromas, consisting of “The Smell of Boy’s Anus”- flavor. Do not fret, according to the Tamatoys’ spokesperson’s speech it “does not smell like sh * t, it smells like rectum”.

6. The Super Free Club

Liberty is fantastic, and it was excellent in regards to sex in Japan in the 1990s up until the raping was included. Throughout the 1990s, the Super Free Club acquired fame thanks to its wild parties. Things were going quite great until the parties got too wild. In the mid-1990s, the main function of the Super Free parties was to get unsuspicious females dead drunk and then gang-rape them. All of it ended up in the closing of the club and all of its executives being imprisoned.

7. Robotic Sex Dolls

You believed we were joking when we said that Japanese males who choose to remain single might be coping with sex dolls? Possibly yes, and maybe no. Japan is well known for manufacturing sex dolls with an extreme likeness to human beings. But that’s not the whole story. In 2014, the male sex toy maker Tenga developed a gadget integrating robots and virtual reality for extra-stimulated sex with animated partners. So, who knows when some Stepford Wives-inspired porn spoof comes true?

Japanese sex culture is rather strange with all those anus-scented oils, orgasm wars, compensated dating, and the possibility of robotic sex dolls replacing real partners. There is no reason to fear the future, though. Unless everybody in the world has a twenty-hour working schedule, it is not likely that the world will appear like Japan. On the other hand, you will not hear a lot of Japanese people grumbling about their lives, however, perhaps that’s what their moms and dads, instructors, and bosses told them to do.

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